I have about 10 different diffusers. Yes. I know. It's a lot! Proper diffusion is vital to insect photography and I just love to play around with different sizes, shapes and materials. Here you can find a few models that I'd recommend.

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The AK Diffuser

Well before Zamir from AK Diffuser reached out to me, I was a fan of his product. I could always spot the photos taken with the AK diffuser while scrolling through Instagram. The quality of light and the softness was just so good, it really stood out for me. I was happy to give his design a go myself, once I got the v860iii flash by Godox. Now that I’m frequently using my OM Systems setup, I find myself not taking this diffuser off.  If you found this diffuser through me, kindly order it through my affiliate link. Oh and don’t forget to use the code: Macrobymarit to get a 5% discount.

  • Pro:  Excellent light, well built, fast delivery
  • Con: More pricey than the other diffusers mentioned here.

Radiant Diffuser

If you’re looking for a good budget option, there is the Radiant Diffuser made by Girish Gowda from Bangalore, India. He has various custom designs for different sizes of lenses and flashes. I haven’t used mine (for the 90mm and the 60mm) that extensively yet, but from the images I did take, I can see it does an excellent job. You can order a diffuser through his Facebook or Instagram page. I received mine within 3 weeks.

  • Pro:  Great light, good design, good price
  • Con: It’s relatively big, no website

The Pope Shield

When I saw Lukas from Pope Shield made a diffuser specifically for the Godox MF12, I was immediately intrigued. Up til that point I made my own diffusers. You have to imagine constructions of paper towel sheets and duct tape, cardboard and foam. Effective, sure. But practical?

Now Lukas designed his shield for the MF12 with magnets. Simple, brilliant. The diffuser ring with 3 magnets is attached to the MF12 ring with tape. The shield also has 3 magnets and therefore it’s super easy to attach. I tested out his first model, made some suggestions, and now there is a set of 3 shields called ‘The Marit’.

The small shield I use a lot, because most of the time I only use one Godox MF12 flash. When I want to get more creative and use more flashes, I use one of the bigger shields. 

  • Pro:  Good price, excellent light, hassle free setup
  • Con: Delivery issues*, bigger shields are quite wide

*I’m aware of the delivery and/or production issues Pope Shield seems to have. For any inquiry regarding this diffuser please address Lukas from Pope Shield and not me. Thank you.


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