The different bodies that I use are the Canon EOS RP and the OM EM-1 MKiii. I like them both, but I've been using the OM System more frequently.

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Canon vs. OM System

I’ve used Canon since I started photography back in 2018. Since 2023 I’m now also using a secondhand OM-D E-M1 Mark III. Why? Well Olympus (now OM System) is focussing on the macrophotography niche. With their 90mm Zuiko Pro, they’ve managed to create an insect photographer’s dream lens. It’s super fast, automatic, magnifies up to 2x, weather sealed, has very good Image Stabilisation (IS) and… incredibly important at least for me: it can do automatic focus bracketing WITH flash. Because that is the issue with most other brands, at least for the ‘affordable’ options. The latest model do have the focus bracketing option, but the flash does not work when turning on that function. Which makes it pretty much useless for insectphotography in the field. 


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