Sep 7th

The Workshop

Join me, professional macrophotographer Marit van Ekelenburg, for a 4-hour group workshop in The Netherlands. This workshop will primarily focus on capturing portraits of insects and spiders. Throughout the course, you will learn techniques for approaching insects without scaring them away, mastering manual focus, understanding the importance of using a flash, how to focus stack and how work with colourful backgrounds.


The location is an insect paradise: Olgarden, a 4000m2 flower garden in the outskirts of a small Dutch town called Deurningen. The more than 1500 different species of plants and trees there, attract a wide variety of insects and spiders.

  • What to bring: Camera, lens (at least 1:1), charged batteries, SD-card
  • What to bring, optional: Flash, monopod/tripod, diffuser
  • When you’re expected: 8:50AM
  • Where you’re expected: Olgarden, Bornsedijk 18, Deurningen
  • Course language: Dutch and/or English
  • What is included in the price: Coffee/tea, snacks, entrance fee to Olgarden


— One week prior to the workshop, you’ll receive an email from me with a schedule and practical information on where to park, the weather forecast and moreĀ  —


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Sep 7th

In this 4 hour workshop I will let you in on my secrets to insect photography. The course is held in a beautiful location: Olgarden. It’s a 4000m2 flower garden in the outskirts of Deurningen, The Netherlands. The more than 1500 different species of plants and trees there attract a wide variety insects, spiders and other invertebrates. The perfect spot to learn all about macro photography. We will dive into shooting with a flash, how to get close to your subject, working with colour and the basics of focus stacking.


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