A private session, tailored to your needs

Allow me to lead you into the realm of insect photography. You have the option to choose from the 3-hour package listed below, or you can get in touch with me and we’ll create a personalized session tailored to your preferences. Interestingly, did you know that numerous participants have received a course with me as a birthday gift?

Private session (Single)

  • May - October
  • Time: As per you wish
  • Location: Olgarden Deurningen, The Netherlands​
  • Language: Dutch and/or English. I also understand German, but do not speak it.
  • 1 person

Private session (Double)

  • May - October
  • Time: As per you wish
  • Location: Olgarden Deurningen, The Netherlands​
  • Language: Dutch and/or English. I also understand German, but do not speak it.
  • 2 persons

Why Choose Me


Several years ago, my knowledge of insects and photography was very limited. It wasn't until I photographed a bee with a simple compact camera that my fascination was sparked. The ignited passion fuelled me to become an advocate for insects and eventually a skilled macro photographer. Now, I am eager to share my love for photographing these fascinating creatures.


Being entirely self-taught I can offer insights and tips based on real-world experience. In the beginning, I made numerous mistakes by following the wrong advice. By sharing my hands-on tips with you, I can help you avoid common mistakes.

The Garden

I'm so lucky to have an extremely talented gardener for a mother. With over 1500 species of plants and trees, Olgarden is an insect paradise. And hey, I know all the secret spots!

Unique Style

I aspire to transform fear into fascination through my insect photography. My goal is for viewers to empathize with the depicted bugs and shift their initial reaction from disgust to amazement. To achieve this, I enjoy incorporating vibrant and cheerful colors into my work and capturing poses that make the insects appear almost human. By emphasizing their relatable qualities, I hope to establish a connection between the viewer and the subject.

What others

What a lovely experience to learn from one of my favourite photographers on how to approach bugs during macrophotography. Not only the helpful tips were fantastic, also the fact that she’s a really involved teacher. During the course she actively helped and showed how to improve. So definitely a hands-on course with enough time to talk about technicalities and theory of the craft.
Jeffrey Hoorns, Assendelft
A great course taught with a lot of passion and dedication. I have gained so much new knowledge. It was very inspiring and fun!
Tonja Raamsman, Hengelo
Marit provides a clear explanation of her macro photography process and shares practical tips. Moreover, she possesses in-depth knowledge about alternative approaches and equipment options for macro photography. I’m improving my photography using her tips since.
Arjan van de Logt, Kampen
In the autumn of 2022, I participated in a group workshop with Marit, which turned out to be an engaging experience. The workshop began with a theoretical segment, during which Marit shared her techniques for macrophotography. Following that, we ventured out to the garden to apply the newly acquired knowledge under Marit's guidance. Overall, the workshop was highly informative, and I would strongly encourage anyone interested to give it a try.
Bennie Masman, Lemelerveld


No, you do not need a flash to participate. However, I do highly recommend it. If you want to get the most out of the practical part of the course, it’s good to try it under my guidance. But having said that, I’ve had multiple people enjoy the course all the same without a flash. Some participants used the course to find out if this type of flash photography was something they really wanted to pursue. So it’s up to you! 

No, you do not need a tripod for this course. I’m going to give you tips and tricks on how to do it entirely handheld. But hey, if you have one, just bring it with you! I also happen to have some advise on how to equip a tripod in a way that works surprisingly well for portraying insects on flowers. 

I love flashes by Godox. They are powerful, light and come at a gentle price. There are many shapes and sizes, and I happen to use the MF12 the most. If you use the couponcode #G_MBM23 at check out over at Godox.eu, you get a 7% discount from me.
I get this question so many times on a daily basis, that I decided to make an entire page to answer that question. All my gear is listed there with detailed descriptions and photos!

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7 tips to start focus stacking in the field with living insects that are always free to go where ever they want.


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