DIFFUSER — Pope Shield, ‘The Marit’

When I saw Lukas from Pope Shield made a diffuser specifically for the Godox MF12, I was immediately intrigued. Up til that point I made my own diffusers. You have to imagine constructions of paper towel sheets and duct tape, cardboard and foam. Effective, sure. But practical?

Now Lukas designed his shield for the MF12 with magnets. Simple, brilliant. The diffuser ring with 3 magnets is attached to the MF12 ring with tape. The shield also has 3 magnets and therefore it’s super easy to attach. I tested out his first model, made some suggestions, and now there is a set of 3 shields called

‘The Marit’.

The small shield I use a lot, because most of the time I only use one Godox MF12 flash. When I want to get more creative and use more flashes, I use one of the bigger shields.

FLASH — Godox MF12

Lightweight, wireless, powerful, easy to use. It’s pretty much all I want out of a flashsystem for macrophotography. Just one flash is enough to properly light any close range subject. If you want to get creative you can also use more, or even use them off camera. The standard kit with 2 flash heads and a ring is what I have. Want to buy Godox products? Kindly consider using my affiliate link. Oh and don’t forget to use your special MacroByMarit 7% discount! #G_MBM23 at check out.


A lightweight full frame mirrorless camera with 26MP. It’s fast, it’s easy to use. Never had any problems or errors.

Currently looking into switching to the EOS R7 which I really fell in love with. I’m now in contact with Canon to see if they can update their firmware and make the focus bracketing WITH flash a possibly. Fingers crossed.

TRIPOD — Benro TMS07A + Sunwayfoto ballhead XB-28II

I have this small tripod which I sometimes use as my, as I call it, extra set of elbows. It doesn’t spend much time on the ground, I use it on my knee, leg or hip to get the height that I want and take some weight of my arm. This specific model is not on the market anymore, but there are plenty of same sized tripod and monopods that can do the trick.

Lens – Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro

This lens has been around for over 25(!) years and is still one of the best macrolenses on the market today. For me the best part is the quality combined with the range. It starts at 1:1 and goes all the way up to 5:1 magnification. It allows me to always be flexible and not having to change my lens wether I want to shoot a bumblebee or a tiny jumping spider. Downsides? It’s completely manual, plus with 710 grams (25oz) its pretty heavy.

As of 14 November 2022, this lens is officially discontinued. It will still be able to get it second-hand, but getting it fixed/serviced will be tough.