The different bodies that I use are the Canon EOS RP and the OM EM-1 MKiii. I like them both, but I’ve been using the OM System more frequently.


I have this small tripod which I sometimes use as my, as I call it, extra set of elbows. It doesn’t spend much time on the ground, I use it on my knee, leg or hip to get the height that I want and take some weight of my arm. This specific model is not on the market anymore, but there are plenty of same sized tripod and monopods that can do the trick.


I have about 10 different diffusers. Yes. I know. It’s a lot! Proper diffusion is vital to insect photography and I just love to play around with different sizes, shapes and materials. Here you can find a few models that I’d recommend.


I do all my editing in 1 program: Affinity Photo V2 . Everything I need for editing is in this software. Including focus stacking. Why Affinity? It’s a one time purchase, no membership nonsense.

I did a Creative Session with Affinity which you can find below. I walk you through my editing process. Also below you’ll find my free guide to focus stacking with 7 tips and tricks. Want more info? Consider a workshop with me.


I use two different flash systems. Both are Godox, both with their own benefits. Read more about that below. Want to buy Godox products? Kindly consider using my affiliate link .


So many shapes and sizes to choose from, oh my. I’ve seen, tried and owned quite a few macro lenses. Manual, Auto, anything ranging from 25mm to 150mm. All the major brands, but also quite a few lesser known ones. Currently I’m working mainly with 2 lenses: the 90mm Zuiko and the 65mm MP-E. I discuss them a bit more in depth below.


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